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I re-attacked that Smithereens back cover yesterday and completed it. I think it came out better than the one I lost (see yesterday’s ever so sad Journal entry). Having already been colored once, it certainly was colored much faster the second time around! So, for you fans out there, the CD to watch for will be “The Smithereens Play ‘Tommy’!” — Front and back EC comics style covers by Yours Truly.

One beautiful book I forgot to plug the other day: “L’Univers des Dragons – Deuxieme Souffle” from Galerie Daniel Maghen in Paris. Like all of their publications this is a sumptuous tome just packed with all kinds of artistic interpretations of dragons. I created a new dragon piece especially for this book. The printing and paper are incredible; it’s well worth tracking this French baby down.

OK; I gotta pack for Sacramento…

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