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New Stout Stuff!

I can’t stand it anymore, I JUST GOTTA BLOG!

Lotsa new Stout stuff out there.

First things first: My new book, William Stout – Prehistoric Life Murals, has hit the streets (and is available on my website catalogue). It’s a stunning book; John Fleskes of Flesk Publications (known for his many fine art books) has really outdone himself with this one: Great paper, gorgeous printing and an attention to detail that is John’s hallmark. The book includes all seventeen of my murals plus all of the sketches, drawings, studies and preliminary paintings that went into making them. If you order from my website I draw a dinosaur sketch in your book. Cool deal! Until I can figure out how to change the settings, shipping costs me well over twice what I charge for it — so another cool deal! How can you miss?

FYI: If you’re considering getting the Deluxe Edition, buy it now. It’s outselling the regular (trade) edition 3-to-1 and looks like it will sell out pretty quickly. I sold all of my copies the weekend it came out; I’m restocking, getting more Deluxes this Sunday. For you San Diego fans, the San Diego Natural History Museum copies have a different extra plate from the other Deluxes…

Also just out: “Aptos”, the new CD by The Moore Brothers has a front & back color cover (and the rest of the packaging, too!) by Yours Truly. It’s a great pop CD from these two talented singer-songwriters. I’m really proud of my designs for this baby. And, Hey! The great Joanna Newsom is on the CD, too.

And: Dark Horse has just reprinted the first six issues of Turok – Son of Stone as a nice hardcover book. I wrote the intro to that one. Indians & dinosaurs — what more could you want?!

2009 looks like it’s going to be The Year of the Book(s) for me. I’ve got another book with John coming out in the fall and I recently finished two different music-related books.

I’m doing a lot of promotion for my murals book, so I’ll probably be coming to an area near you. Check out the “Appearances” section of my website.

Last weekend I was a guest at MegaCon, the South’s biggest comic book convention. I got to hang with Frank Cho (for only just a little bit), Billy Tucci and my new Best Bud, Darwyn Cooke (I’m a huge fan of his New Frontier books). Darwyn’s got a great new full color book out that collects a lot of his little seen rarities. Billy has been doing an unbelievable job on Sgt. Rock, and Frank continues to dazzle us with both outrageous quantity AND quality. I’d been grabbing his Jungle Girl covers but until I talked to him I had no idea that he’d been doing so many covers and stories for Marvel (currently drawing the Red Hulk). It’s fun to watch Frank’s luscious style evolve and just get better and better.

I spent the day coloring the back cover to the new Smithereens CD (The Smithereens Play “Tommy”!) and went to save it. The computer froze and I lost everything. I’ll start all over again as soon as I’m done writing here. Aaaargh! When it’s finished, it’ll be a nice package, though. Pat DiNizio asked me to draw it in a classic EC comic book style, which I did. Way fun!

Besides the new U2 CD, I really like the Fleet Foxes CD and the latest CD from Animal Collective. And I am still CRAZY about the Duffy CD (every track is a gem), now available in a deluxe edition with an extra disc of songs.

This Sunday I’ll be up in Sacramento for Sac-Con; next weekend I’ll be in High Point, North Carolina for StellarCon. I’ve got a big signing down in San Diego at the San Diego Natural History Museum on Saturday, March 21 (Family Day). This will be the Official Public Debut of the murals book. The next day I’m back up here in in Burbank for a signing at that great Goth shop, Dark Delicacies.

OK; enough procrastinating; I’ve got to redo that Smithereens back cover.

Se ya in the funny papers!

3 thoughts on “New Stout Stuff!

  1. Hey Bill!
    It was so great seeing you at Mega….JEEEZE you are a busy guy these days!!
    Many thanks for taking the time to chat about the old days, and I told my pal at the ( Now, sadly, Defunct ) Adventurers Club your kind words about his performances as Graves the Butler, it really brightened his day.
    I’d really like to know more about what you did on desiging that club, are there any books or info out there on the subject that you know of?

  2. Hi Pam,
    It’s always good to see you and Doug!

    A big (uncredited) drawing/painting I did of the Adventurers Club main room interior is in one of those large Disney art books, most likely one of the ones on Walt Disney World. Somewhere deep in the Raiders of the Lost Ark-like Walt Disney Imagineering Art Morgue are my designs for the Comedy Warehouse, too.

    I’m sorry to hear those places are going the way of the dodo. The improv cast at the Adventurers Club was incredible — and incredibly funny!

    Believe it or not, my "Mickey at 60" character was originally planned as a major part of the Comedy Warehouse. He was going to be on napkins, cups, etc. Michael Eisner loved my crusty old "Mickey"!

    When I drew the Comedy Warehouse and Adventurers Club designs I was given no time but plenty of freedom by WDI. I eventually heard through the WDI grapevine that my Comedy Warehouse designs and especially the big Adventurers Club painting I whipped out (completed just minutes before the meeting) saved WDI’s ass at an important Pleasure Island presentation. It’s not the best work I did for them but I guess it conveyed what needed to be conveyed at the meeting.

    I’m always happy to do some ass-saving designs, whether consciously or not.

  3. Howdy Bill,

    You probably remember seeing me every year at the ComicCon where I always get your new book(s) and an original drawing- you’re going to yourself ‘that could be a couple dozen people’. Anyway, I just bought your new book (deluxe naturally) from my local comic store (Comic Gallery) and it is beautiful! And now I see you’ll be at the SDNHM this Saturday. What luck, I thought I had missed out. See you Saturday 3/21.

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