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More Snow!

Wow! Just after my last entry we got massively hit by the Arctic storm. The hills facing my home are now pretty blanketed in snow.

It’s beautiful to look at from my front porch and while I do my three mile run, but it killed my oldest son’s romantic holiday plans. My wife and I gave him and his fiancee tickets to see The Cirque du Soleil production of The Beatles’ “Love” show for Christmas, plus two nights at The Mirage (the hotel where “Love” is playing). Unfortunately, because of the snowstorm, all of the roads to Las Vegas are closed. They were turned back on their way there yesterday morning. We immediately booked them air tickets on JetBlue and told them to drive to the Long Beach airport instead of returning home. They did, but after waiting a couple of hours at the airport, all flights to Vegas were canceled. There were white-out (I remember white-outs from my Antarctica journeys) conditions at the Las Vegas airport; no planes could safely land.

Fortunately, we were able to be reimbursed for the tickets & hotel. They’re going to try again this Sunday.

Here’s Hopin’!

By the way, the book on Dave Stevens’ life and art has hit the bookshelves. It’s a beautiful book. It was really interesting for me to read Dave’s take on our studio days together (for many years I rented out the front part of my studio to Dave and Richard Hescox. Dave created The Rocketeer there). I’m looking forward to the Deluxe Edition which I hear has sixteen extra pages of art. I’ll use the regular edition as my reading copy.

My murals book is at the printers and will be in stores this January. I wish Dave could have seen it.

2 thoughts on “More Snow!

  1. Hey Bill, I will email you privately, but wanted to give you a public shout out for helping make my Channukah special this year! Nothing cooler than a gift of art. I have the best assistant ever!!! I can’t wait to see the new book (also a channukah gift for me-my girlfriend pre-ordered it thinking it was gonna be done in December!) Benno

  2. I just got my Deluxe Edition of Dave’s book and couldn’t put it down. You and Kaluta’s take on Dave were wonderful. I’m so glad I got to meet him a few times and actually have more exchange than a fanboy chat.


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