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The Fall

I saw a brave, magnificent film yesterday: Tarsem’s “The Fall”. Although I found flaws with it, the courage and vision it took to make such a film overwhelm whatever criticisms I might have of this amazing work of cinema. “The Fall” was shot in 18 different countries (including spectacular India locations) and was financed by the director out of his own pocket from the money he made shooting TV commercials. Tarsem broke the First Rule of Hollywood: Never put your own money into your own film (Spielberg never does).

You can watch the trailer at

It gives you a taste of the movie without giving away too many of the surprises. Imagine The Princess Bride meets Lawrence of Arabia meets Baron Munchausen meets Fellini — with a dash of M. C. Escher!

I was especially touched by Tarsem’s use of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony at the film’s beginning and end. The scene in which birds fly out of the old man’s mouth as he is dying is Guillermo del Toro-wonderful.

“The Fall” is getting really crappy minimal promotion, so see this fine film before it disappears from theaters. This is DEFINITELY a BIG SCREEN movie! SO MUCH will be lost on DVD (although I’ll be the first person in line to purchase it when it comes out).

The film was produced by fellow directorial artists Spike Jonez and David Fincher, who righteously and obviously believed in their fellow creator’s unique cinematic vision.

If you’re a follower of my Journal you’ll know that I rarely hype films. The staggering visuals in this one make it deserve any boost I or anyone else can possibly give it.

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  1. Bill, I’ve had this movie, "The Fall" in my sights for almost a year. I connected immediately with the chemistry between Lee Pace’s injured stuntman, & that amazing little girl, Catinca Untaru. The natural "lightning in a bottle" spontaneity of their scenes together – raises the hair on my arms. It doesn’t look like it will be playing in my area, so I guess I will be second in line to buy the DVD when it is released. No pre-rental inspection required for this film. I’m sold.

  2. Well, I took your advice and saw the Fall with my girlfriend Karen yesterday. We were both blown away. What a great movie! Thanks for the recommnendation. I am certainly glad I didn’t wait for the DVD- a big screen film for sure!

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