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Gustaf Tenggren – LIFE Magazine Illustrations

Continuing my Bibliography of the Works of Gustaf Tenggren, here is a complete listing of his work for LIFE magazine. Happy Hunting!

March 3 p. 453: “Unfamiliar Anniversaries — No. 1 – ‘The Invention of the Wheelbarrow’”
Pen illustration: Leonardo, artist’s model & wheelbarrow.

April 7 p. 491: “Unfamiliar Anniversaries — No. 2 – ‘Hamlet Is Accepted’”
Pen illustration: William Shakespeare reads an acceptance letter to his wife.

April 14 p. 525: “Unfamiliar Anniversaries — No. 3 – ‘Diogenes Meets Alexander the Great’”
Pen illustration: Alexander listens to Diogenes.

April 21 Full color cover: “The Crescent Moon”
Two Arabs spy on topless redhead beauty.
p. 575: “Unfamiliar Anniversaries — No. 4 – ‘Mohammed and the Mountain’”
Pen illustration: Mohammed strolls by two gossiping Arabs.

April 28 p. 602: “Unfamiliar Anniversaries — No. 5 – ‘Laying in the Cornerstone of Cheops’”
Pen illustration: Modern and ancient Egyptians hoist a block of stone.

May 5 p. 641: “Unfamiliar Anniversaries — No. 6 – ‘Newton Discovers a Law’”
Pen illustration: Sleeping Newton gets hit in the nose by apple.

May 26 p. 751: “Unfamiliar Anniversaries — No. 7 – ‘Sir Walter Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth’”
Pen illustration: Sir Walter lays down his coat for the Queen.

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