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Natural History Alert!

Just a short note to alert you all that there’s a really nice full color reproduction of my Coastal Dinosaurs mural for the San Diego Natural History Museum on page 60 of the current (5/08) issue of Natural History magazine. The original painting is 28 ft. long, so the magazine reproduction is pretty crisp!

Well, since I’m already typing…
I recently submitted a 5000 word remembrance of my friend Dave Stevens to The Comics Journal. Watch for it!

I’m working on a film right now, The Tomb (the title will change; there’s three or four other film projects with that same name), designing monsters and sets — first-time English director, Australian production, shooting in Spain. If I’m lucky, it looks like I might get to collaborate again with my old friend Ron Cobb. Now THAT would be a treat!

I’ll be getting the original art back from my photographer tomorrow of the piece I’m donating to the Comic Art Professional Society (CAPS) benefit auction. I think it’s a little gem; I hope you do, too, and that it fetches a lot for our group. I helped co-found CAPS many, many years ago and was its 10th President.

This evening I’ve got to finish inking my Dave Stevens tribute page for the Comic-Con International 2008 Program Book. The deadline’s tomorrow! Yikes! I better get back to it!

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  1. Bill,
    Looking to page 60 and perusing the rest of Natural History for 5/08 and I don’t see the mural. The cover is a photo of the Horses of Kazakhstan. I hope subscribers get the same issue as the ones on the newsstand.
    I’m really looking forward to reading your article/remembrance piece on Dave for the Comics Journal.
    Last, is the film your working on, referred to as The Tomb, an adaptation of F. Paul Wilson’s novel by the same name, which introduced readers to Repairman Jack?
    If it is I’d like to read more about.


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