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Gustaf Tenggren…continued

Today I completed my Redbook Magazine Tenggren collection. Gustaf Tenggren was the key designer for Walt Disney’s Snow White and Pinocchio. His magazine illustrations for Redbook still retain the Arthur Rackham-influenced style he was famous for at the time, but with an added bonus: the women he drew in these illustrations were extremely sensual and sexy. Gustaf did like the young ladies, and it shows.

For all of you Tenggren hunters out there, here is the list I’ve compiled of Gustaf Tenggren’s illustration work for Redbook. This is stunning stuff. I believe this list to be complete:

Redbook Magazine
pp. 74-76: Ehrgott, Winston W. “Little Son – The Reality of a South American Revolution”
1 two-color double page vignette; 2 two-color vignettes.
pp. 26-29: Colby, Merle “Hub Deep – A Frontier Love Story”
1 two-color full page vignette; 1 two-color double half page vignette; 1 small two-color vignette.
pp. 20-23: Squier, Emma-Lindsay “Tribal Law”
1 two-color double page vignette; 1 large two-color illustration; 1 line vignette.
pp. 28-31: Walker, Ewing “Zhulie – A Wild Delight”
1 two-color double page spread; 1 two-color illustration; 1 two-color vignette.
pp. 24-27: Harner, Virginia Paxton “Conquistador”
1 large two-color double page illustration; 1 large two-color illustration; 1 halftone vignette.
pp. 34-36: Layng, Charles “Ever So Slightly Careless”
1 two-color double page vignette; 1 two-color vignette; 1 ink & brush halftone vignette.
pp. 20-23: Harner, Virginia Paxton “Rio Magdalena”
1 two-color vignette double page spread; 1 two-color vignette; 1 two-color ink vignette.
pp. 46-49: Paxton, Virginia “Jungle Glamour”
2 two-color vignettes; 2 halftone vignettes.
pp. 56-59: Harner, Virginia Paxton “Vagabond – Love’s Light Madness”
3 two-color illustrations; 1 two-color vignette.
pp. 44-47: Brown, Bernice “Homeland – A Love Story of Farm People”
1 two-color illustration; 3 two-color vignettes.
pp. 50-53: Clark, Maurice “When You Love Completely – A story of New York and Nova Scotia”
3 two-color illustrations; 1 two-color pen vignette.
p. 51: Burt, Katharine Newlin “This Woman and This Man”
Although credited to Jules Gotleib, this two color vignette looks a lot like Tenggren’s work.
pp. 46-49: Duranty, Walter “Free Night”
3 two-color illustrations.
pp. 44-47: Jope-Slade, Christine “The Man Who Launched the Angels”
2 two-color spread illustrations; 3 two-color vignettes.
pp. 36-39: Donn-Byrne, Dorothea “Bad Beginnings”
1 two-color double page spread; 2 two-color vignettes.

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