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The Artist Within

Ace photographer Greg Preston has a spectacular new book out: The Artist Within (from Dark Horse). It consists of compelling photographs of cartoonists and comics creators from around the world. If you’d like to see me pre-gray hair (and slightly thinner), I’m in there, too, standing in my element (amongst the battling dinosaur skeletons in the foyer of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County).

At only forty bucks this huge book is a great bargain. The photography and the concepts of each photo are all stunning! Sadly, many of the great creators featured in the book are no longer with us. Greg’s book is now an important historical and cultural document.

You can get a brief preview of the book at

2 thoughts on “The Artist Within

  1. bill, i have 3 original charles livingston bull posters from 1931 and 1932 done for the michigan tuberculosis society. 2 are in mint condition and the other is in very good condition. any interest?
    please call 231-933-1151

  2. Thanks, but I got the complete set of four a few years ago on Ebay. I really appreciate your thinking of me, though. I do indeed love the work of Charles Livingston Bull.

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