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New Stout Stuff

Whoa! Long time no blog!

OK; let’s get the health stuff out of the way. My blood was checked recently. PSA: Zero. That means it still looks like my excellent surgeons got everything. I’m back to my typical Workhorse Mode, painting my murals and preparing for Comic-Con, Bubonicon and Dragon*Con. Mural number 10 (Regional Dinosaurs; 10 ft. x 28 ft.) will be completed today. It should be installed by Comic-Con.

New Stout Stuff to look out for:
On the stands now are HorrorShow Magazine (Issue Number Six with a solid 19 page interview by Mark F. Berry illustrated with lots of rarely seen art) and Alien Pig Farm #3. I did the covers for both #1 and #3; to keep me on my artistic toes they got Mark Schultz to draw the cover for #’s 2 and 4. Don Marquez drew the superb interior pages. The genre of this outrageous comic book is aliens vs. hillbillies! Hooo-WEE!

July 18 sees the release of “The Great Lost Heaters Album” by (you guessed it) The Heaters! I designed and illustrated all of the packaging and wrote the liner notes as well. The Heaters primarily consisted of members of my former band Mad Fat. As soon as I left (late 70s) they got a really good singer and became the hottest band in Los Angeles. Sadly, their recordings did not reflect the high, high quality of the group. That has all been fixed, however — a mere twenty five years later! The band now lives in Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, New York and Sedona. They are getting back together for a one-off concert to celebrate their CD release July 18 at the Viper Room on the Sunset Strip. I wouldn’t miss it (I saw every single Heaters show in Los Angeles; I watched and cheered as they blew Talking Heads off the stage at the Whisky A-Go-Go) See you there!

Back to my murals!


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  1. Bill, it’s great to read your healthy and busy. It has been a while since you posted but, hey, work is work and posting doesn’t pay the bills. I’ll be missing San Diego this summer. We’re moving back stateside after 8 years abroad so hopefully we can squeeze in a road trip next summer. This summer it’s getting settled in the new home in my (much anticipated and never really thought it would happen) South Florida digs. I’ll let you know when I get resettled. In the meantime I look forward to see those murals posted somewhere on the internet until I can visit my left coast friends in San Diego to see those murals up close.
    Take care.


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