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Academy Awards

I am happy to report that my work contributed to three Oscar nominations, two of which won.

The nominees were: Pan’s Labyrinth (Art Direction; Special Make-up Effects) and The Prestige (Art Direction). Pan’s Labyrinth won both of those awards and one for its brilliant Cinematography as well. I am sorry to report that it didn’t win for Original Score, Best Foreign Film or Original Screenplay.

My wife cried over “my” wins. I was very, very happy, too. I silently recalled turning down the film that would have gotten me my own nomination for Art Direction: Dances With Wolves. I don’t regret that decision as I chose to complete my first museum one man show instead (Dinosaurs, Penguins & Whales – The Wildlife of Antarctica).

A doctored version of one my Hugh Jackman posters appears in the DVD extras of The Prestige. I don’t know why they didn’t include the other posters I did as well. I wouldn’t be surprized, however, if all of what I did for Pan’s Labyrinth ends up on its DVD. Gulliermo del Toro, besides being a great director, is also still a fellow fan.

5 thoughts on “Academy Awards

  1. Bill,
    Terri and I loved the film and your work on it. We stayed thru the credits until we saw your name – it wasn’t hard to miss as it was the only ‘Anglican’ name there! Anyway, congrats on the Oscars which were well-deserved. The film should have won ‘Best Foreign Film’, but who says life is fair. Now, I think I’ll go have some BBQ ribs…

  2. I couldn’t believe that Pans Labyrinth did NOT win best foreign film. That blew me away. When Del Toros fantastic film did win the awards for Art Direction I bet I was as happy as you were!

    OH and you need to check out the EC Archives presents Tales from the Crypt. The first 6 issues in hardback. They are STILL great after all these years!
    Looking forward to more of your work bro!

  3. I didn’t know you worked on "The Prestige". I just watched this last weekend with my wife and daughter. This was one very good film. Even as I knew what was happening with Jackman’s character I was still surprised by the ending. No spoilers, but, Wow!
    As for "Pan’s Labyrinth", We’ve still yet to see it. We hoped it would come to the local German kino that caters to the American and English crowd here (it’s pretty big), however, art films there are rare. Our oldest daughter attending college in PA saw it and absolutely loved it.
    Guess there’s always the eventual DVD.
    Anyway, congratulations. Well done.


  4. Bill
    Congratulations on the work on Pan’s Labyrinth and the recognition that goes with it. Here in the UK, despite the three awards, the film’s success was hardly mentioned in the Oscars coverage. Us Brits can be so xenophobic at times.
    May you long continue to do beautiful things.

  5. I’ve been off-line for a long while but now I’m back I’ve got to say- You’ve been on one hell of a magic carpet ride this year. Best to you!

    I started a blog finally and I mention your amazing year. I can’t say enough about it.

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