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Dear Friends and Fans,
I am extremely happy to report that my most recent cover for Prehistoric Times, the Antarctic megalosaur, was just awarded the Gold Award for Editorial Illustration by the judges in this year’s Spectrum competition.

I am deeply honored. As a judge myself for last year’s competition I can assure you that the judging process is extremely fair and NOT an “old boys network”. Spectrum is very tough to get into each year; I generally submit two dozen pieces and get only three to five of them accepted. Obviously, it’s even more difficult to be selected for an award. In the past twelve years previous to this Gold Award of mine I received an Honorable Mention and a Silver Award.

There are few things as gratifying in life as being honored by your peers. Thanks to all of my friends and fans for their unflagging support and appreciation of my work through the years.


4 thoughts on “Spectrum

  1. That’s awesome! Congratulations!
    Which issue of Prehistoric Times is it on?

  2. Congratulations! The Megalosaur painting has always been a rich and powerful piece. It’s you at your painterly best (or, near best since I think "Destiny in the Depths", while much more subtle, is your best to date). Anyway, way to go old timer!
    I hope it’s soon that your work recieves an even broader recognition like achieving Spectrum’s Grand Master Award. It’s past time and I’m not suckin’ up. You’re just that good. Seriously.


  3. Thanks, guys!

    It now occurs to me, of course, that I could just have been lucky…

    The Prehistoric Times issue with my award-winning cover is number 70.

  4. I was fortunate enough to get Spectrum from the first volume….it’s always a treasure trove of great images from both my favorites and from new artists I’m not yet familiar with.

    Congratulations on the Grand Master Award. Moebius and Mike Kaluta ain’t such bad company! 😉

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