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Ten Things You Should Know from William Stout

I promised this list to you yesterday; sorry I’m a day late — but I think you might find it worth the wait….

This was a short observation I related at my 50th birthday party a few years ago:

When a friend of mine recently turned 60 he was given three bits of advice:
1) Never trust a fart,
2) Never pass up a chance to pee, and
3) Never waste an erection.


2 thoughts on “Ten Things You Should Know from William Stout

  1. I wish you too and Happy New year, and all the best for you and your family!
    Thank you for these good observations!

    Well, more than 10 days ago I discover your art with few drawings in a file on "The Masters of the Univers", in a french magazine-Mad Movies-.
    And now you are always here, always in production, and your Art is still living!
    I’m really happy of your recent work on Pan’s labyrinth and I know that you worked on "John Carter from Mars".
    I know it is just a small part of your work but for me it is symbolic of what I appreciate in your paintings.
    I hope to see you again!

  2. Hi Alex,
    Thanks for the kind words regarding my work. I hope to continue to produce work that inspires you while also entertaining you for many years to come.

    You seem to be a fan of my film work. Watch for the posters I created that will be used within Christopher Nolan’s new film, "The Prestige." This should be a wonderful motion picture. It has one of the best and most surprizing scripts I’ve ever read and stars Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. Shooting begins in just a few days!

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