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Capote and Kong

I saw “Capote” last night. This is turning into a pretty good year for movies — Capote, A History of Violence, the new Harry Potter movie, The Squid and the Whale….

“Capote” has a terrific script, much more mult-layered than I expected. Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of my very favorite actors working today, is at the peak of his powers in this film. I am in awe. See it!

BTW: Has anyone else noticed the dramatic similarity between my 1990 cover for King Kong #3 and the cover for the new book The World of Kong – A Natural History of Skull Island? Shame on them.

kong3a (39k image)

2 thoughts on “Capote and Kong

  1. I’ve yet to see "Capote" but I hope the local German Kino "Broadway" will show it after the Christmas season blockbusters have had their run. I miracle may even occur and it will show on the local AAFES theater on the Ramstein air base. It only took them three months to bring us Whedon’s "Serenity" so I never give up hope.
    As for the cover art of "The World of Kong..", yes, I noticed. I made a point of mentioning this fact on a review of the book for Amazon. The book itself is very disappointing in too many ways to list. It’s a good thing I had the opportunity to skim the book before buying it on Amazon. Buying it was the plan until I looked it over.
    So much wasted potential and from such a large and talented studio is more than disappointing. It’s criminal.

    Rick Tucker
    PS: Of course, I have the Monster Comic’s Kong series. The cover art was the real draw with your two, Schultz’ two and Stevens’ one, though, the Ken Steacy one just didn’t sustain the mood of the 5 previous ones.

  2. Rick, I loved your review on Amazon, you rascal you! You sure didn’t pull any punches, my friend.

    It’s still a real mystery to me why I wasn’t hired (if only for a week or so) on Jackson’s Kong, especially after Richard Taylor expressed such keen interest in having me on the project.

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