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Lilly’s Light

Yesterday I visited a set to watch the shooting of the pilot for a new children’s television show, “Lilly’s Light”. I designed the sets for the show but because of my intense travel schedule recently I was not able to oversee their construction. I’m usually a pretty hands-on kinda guy when it comes to production design and a real stickler for details in all aspects of the design (including set decoration, costumes, props, etc.). None of my regular people were hired to execute my designs, so even though the designs I gave them to work from were highly detailed color renderings, I approached viewing my sets for the first time with great apprehension.

Much to my relief everything looks SPECTACULAR! Everyone has done an incredible job, from construction to painters to props to costumes; it’s as if they were channeling exactly what I had in mind! The minor changes to the design necessitated by the practical nature of the shooting were made exactly the way I would have made them. All of the color choices work beautifiully together. Amazing!

The star of the show (and I believe the major reason why this whole show has come together as stunningly as it has) is Sherry Hursey (Sherry plays Lilly; she was a regular on “Home Improvement”). Besides being one of the most talented people I have ever met (man, can she sing!), Sherry also is the possessor of one of the biggest hearts and kindest souls I’ve ever encountered.

Director Daniel Carrey is one of the most prepared directors I’ve ever worked with; he shot nine pages (that’s a lot) yesterday! His positive attitude, efficiency and enthusiasm really help drive this production in the best way possible.

I’m going back to visit the set today and take some pictures. I’ll get you blog readers more details on the show, too. Plus — Attention, Ladies! — today my screenwriting partner, that debonair Englishman and Royal Shakespearean actor Gregg Martin, is a character on the show.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night; I was so excited about what I had seen that I had a hard time getting back to sleep. It felt like Christmas!

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