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Two Recent Movies on DVD

I watched two DVDs recently that I think are worth mentioning.

As you know I love horror movies, so I was delighted to come across a really creepy one: “The Grudge”. Great mood, good cast (although I kept hoping that Buffy…er…Sarah Michelle Gellar would kick some scary ghost butt). Watch it it late at night with the lights out!

The other one I had already heard good stuff about: “Metallica – Some Kind of a Monster”. It’s a documentary about the making of Metallica’s latest CD, “St. Anger”. It is also about the disintegration of the band and its triumph over such adversity. It’s very funny, very Spinal Tap — except it’s real! Kudos to the guys in the band for not being afraid to look so foolish at times. I really ended up admiring their deep dedication to pushing themselves to produce the absolute best quality art that they possibly could (my own philosophy, too). It can be painful, but the end product is worth it.

Kirk Hammett (who comes off as the most level-headed of the group) has got a great collection at home. We briefly get to see his fine Mark Ryden painting, his mounted cave bear skeleton (Kirk: Did you pick that up in Tucson?) and his diverse collection of hominid skulls. Go Kirk! I noticed you don’t have any Stout paintings, though…

3 thoughts on “Two Recent Movies on DVD

  1. Kirk Hammett is a big fan of comics/art/toys/monster movies. If I can find a scan of it, you might get a kick of seeing one of their past road crew tour shirts….it’s a mockup of an old Tales from The Crypt comic cover titled "Trails We Have Crept", and it even has the round inserts, include one of Lars as "The Beat Keeper". 😉

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