"Wonderfest '98"

Wonderfest, Louisville, KY, 1998
Thark on a thoat (from the Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian books). Brown line art with peach moons on a beige shirt. Stout lettering.

"Good Lizard Men"

1997/1998 World Tour - Williamson-Stout-Schultz
Black and white line art on slate blue shirt. Stout cryolophosaurus and lettering.

"Tempe, AZ GameWorks Idea Team"

Front and back of beige shirt sports full color variation on Stout deco design for the entrance to GameWorks Ontario.


Wonderfest, Louisville, KY, 1997
Warrior astride a sauropod (from a Stout Convention Sketchbook). Maroon line art with a cream moon on a grey shirt. Stout lettering. Back of shirt image is by Mark Schultz.

"CalTech Beavers"

Black line art on slate gray t-shirt. Front: Angry beaver head; Back: Cartoon beaver on ice skates whacking a hockey puck.

"35th Anniversary Edgar Rice Burroughs Bibliophiles-Dum Dum"

Black line image highlighted with white of Tarzan with an elephant, lion, monkey, gorilla, black panther and two great apes. Printed on three different colors of shirts: slate blue, prairie rose, and clay green. This image was also used for the cover of the Dum Dum program book.

"Rock & Roll High School"

1995, Concorde/New Horizons
Stout's movie poster for the film. Black on white T-shirt with red collar.