Program Books


1997, Louisville, Kentucky
Stout art reprinted in black & white on pp. 3; biographical article "The 'Wizard' of Dino Art" on pp. 6-8 (3 black & white illustrations by Stout plus 1 photo of Stout).


June 20-23, 1996, Atlanta, GA
24 pp. (including front cover)
Stout bio on p. 4; new Stout Dragon*Con logos on pp. 1, 6, 14, 23.

Dragon*Con (Pocket Program)

June 20-23, 1996, Atlanta, GA
48 pp. (including front cover)
Stout black & white Dragon*Con logo cover; back cover is same art in reverse.

Will Eisner-Comic Art Professional Society Honoree

July 22, 1995, 50 pp.
Stout pencilled and inked the Spirit cover to the Comic Art Professional Society's program book honoring Will Eisner at a C. A. P. S. banquet. Page 22 also features an old quote from Stout's C. A. P. S. membership application.