"Stegosaurus Stout"

Microbrewery beer, 1997.
As part of its ongoing promotion of its "Jurassic Park" and "Lost World" attraction at its Los Angeles theme park, Universal Studios commissioned a microbrewery to produce three limited edition brews, including one called "Stegosaurus Stout."
Bissette, Steve

"Oatmeal Stoutosaur"

Bottle label, 1995
This homebrew label name and design are a tribute to his friend Stout.
Aragones, Sergio

"A Mad Peek Behind The Scenes At A Comic Book Convention"

Mad Magazine, 1987, pp. 26-7.
Stout's friend Sergio has three excited fans in the lower right hand corner of this vast crowd scene examining a large Stout drawing of a dinosaur defecating.