Sakai, Stan

Usagi Yojimbo

Dark Horse Comics, 1997
Stout wrote the introduction to this collection of stories: "Usagi Yojimbo-Storytelling From A Master."
Stout, William and Steinmeyer

Jim Mickey at 60 (Volume Two)

Pasadena, CA: Terra Nova Press, 1996, 48 pp.
Mickey at 60 runs for President in this second collection of entertainment industry satire.
Moebius (Jean Giraud) and Stout, William

"Arzaq" An Arzach story

Moebius Comics Livonia, MI: Caliber Comics, Volume 1, Number 1, May, 1996, 32 pp.
(pp. 21-28; note that page 25, the 5th page of the story, was printed upside down!)was a Moebius/Stout collaboration. Moebius wrote and laid out the first4 pages; Stout wrote and laid out the final four pages, pencilled the entire story and inked it as well. He later colored the story for Heavy Metal magazine.
Goodwin, Archie

Classic Star Wars-Return of the Jedi

Milwaukie, OR: Dark Horse Comics, Inc., #2, November, 1994, 48 pp.
Reprint of the Archie Goodwin/Al Williamson graphic novel adaptation of "Return of the Jedi." Stout pencilled and inked over Williamson's layouts and pencils on pp. 11 & 13.
Bradbury, Ray

Ray Bradbury Chronicles

New York: Bantam Spectra Books, No. 4, 1992
Before Bantam Spectra Books pulled out of publishing this book, they printed up a number of full color cover slicks featuring Stout's "A Sound of Thunder" cover. Although the book later found another publisher, Topps Comics, this Bantam Spectra cover slick is the only printing of Stout's cover that is cropped as Stout himself intended it to be cropped.
The cropping on the Topps version was far too severe; too much of my art was lost, including the all-important butterfly on the bottom of the man's boot.
Steinmeyer, Jim; Stout, William

Mickey At 60 Pasadena

Kinda Funny Publishing Company (Terra Nova Press), 1988, 20 one-sided pp.