Polytechnics 1997 Graduation Party

Folded invitation has 3 Stout ink cartoons.

Kitchen Sink Press Pipeline

June, 1997, 16 pp.
Includes a large full color poster of the Stout/Eisner cover for the first issue of "The Spirit-The New Adventures."

Wonderfest '97 mailer brochure

Louisville, Kentucky, 16 pp., newsprint
4 black and white illustrations for this convention mailer are by Stout; one is previously unpublished.

Words & Pictures Museum fundraising brochure

Northampton, MA, no date (ca. 1996), 12 pp.
William Stout art is included on the wall in the full colorphotograph of the museum's interior on page 10.

26th Annual Members Open House mailer

1996, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Green and blue on white paper cover art: same as the 25th Annual Members Open House, but with the addition of a great auk.

25th Annual Members Open House

1996, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Purple and brownish-orange on white paper cover art depicts a cartoon carnosaur beckoning from within a doorway.
This art appears in two different forms: Itis used both large and small on the large card-sized Open House invitation/mailer, and it is printed as the cover to an 11"x 8.5" "Explorer's Guide" brochure.


MPI, 1993
Full color brochure featuring stunning color reproductions of the following Stout VHS home video covers: "The Return of Dinosaurs", "The Wondrous World of Weird Animals", "More Dinosaurs", "Prehistoric World", and "Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs."

Kid Rhino Club membership brochure

Rhino Records 1993. LP and cassette formats.
Features full color reproduction of Stout's "Red Sky-T. Rex"

"Wm Stout" collectible print mailer

SLG Promotions/William Stout, Inc., 1990
Full color mailer featuring 4 prints and 16 "mini-prints."