Untold Tales of Hollywood #30

I was talking previously about the Shadizar signage. I’ve got fragments of several pieces depicting signage and standards that I can share. These were stolen from the production and, subsequently, obviously, very poorly stored under damp conditions. They mysteriously and coincidentally 😉 turned up when I was sought after to work on the second Conan film, Conan the Destroyer.

I figured that there would be fast food (street food) stalls in Shadizar. I came up with something that John Milius loved: Lizard-on-a-Stick. He made sure to include it in the movie.

Me at Jadran Studios just outside of Zagreb. In a very short time I had covered the walls with imagery for the film. Man, I wish I was still that skinny!

Here’s a standard I found that was designed by Ron Cobb:

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