NEW Monsters Sketchbook Volume 6!

William Stout‘s Monsters Sketchbook Volume 6 boasts 52 pages of monster drawings, including 16 illustrations from the UK’s Hammer Films.

Within that sub-genre are all 6 of Dr. Frankenstein‘s Hammer monsters, plus a portrait of Dr. Frankenstein himself, Peter Cushing. Also included are the four stop motion animation scenes cut from When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth.

Limited to just 950 signed and numbered copies, this collection is a bargain at just $15.00.

3 Responses to “NEW Monsters Sketchbook Volume 6!”

  1. Ordered…Can’t wait!

  2. aaron says:

    Hurrah! As you know I’ve been hoping you’d turn your talents to some of the creatures that came leaping and snarling at us in gorgeous color from the marvelous sets of Bernard Robinson in Hammer Films. That’s by way of saying I am thrilled to hear this. And I love the cover too. I wonder what would have happened if Hammer had been able to secure the rights to a remake of King Kong. I personally believe the original cannot be improved on and I am glad they gave us One Million Years B. C. instead. Thanks again, Mr. Stout, this news made my week!

  3. aaron says:

    And it is great! Got my copy. This would make a terrific Christmas gift for any lovers of monsters or classic horror films on your Christmas list.

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