Original William Stout Jurassic Park Art For Sale!


I am beginning a series of sales for the original art I created for a proposed Jurassic Park animated series commissioned by Universal Cartoon Studios.

First up is this character design of Dr. Alan Grant.

Ink and watercolor on board.

Image size: 7″ x 5″.

$800.00 (matted & framed).

With the help of my brilliant son James, I now have an “Original Art” section in my website’s Bazaar. From now on, I’ll be adding to this section on a fairly regular basis.

3 Responses to “Original William Stout Jurassic Park Art For Sale!”

  1. Rick Catizone says:

    Very nice!

  2. Rick Catizone says:

    Maybe just me, but this one seems to be an homage to Moebius.

  3. […] have the rights to release it. However, he is apparently allowed to share all of his concept art, which he is now selling on his website.  To my eyes, these look more like children’s book illustrations than anything else, really […]

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