I look forward to seeing my friends, fans, colleagues and those who are both this weekend at the coolest most amazing monster show in the west: Monsterpalooza! It was at capacity last year, so get there early.

I’ll be selling my books, prints, paintings, drawings and my Tarman action figures. I think the Tarman himself, Alan Trautman will be there, too, along with other cast members from The Return of the Living Dead — as well as every make-up and effects guy in The Biz.

See you there!

2 Responses to “Monsterpalooza!”

  1. Aaron says:

    Hey, Mr. Stout. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’d love to hear a report of the goings on and of everyone you met at Monsterpalooza!

    Best Wishes,

  2. Bill says:

    Sure, Aaron! See next entry…

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