Happy Belated Birthday, Obie & Kong!

I apologize; I have been remiss. Yesterday was the birthday (March 2, 1886) of stop motion animator/special effects whiz Willis O’Brien (affectionately known as “Obie”), the man who gave life to King Kong.

By sheer coincidence, March 2 (in 1933) was also the date of the premiere of the greatest film ever made, King Kong.

So, a regrettably belated but deeply sincere “Happy Birthday!” to both o’ youse scrappers.

5 Responses to “Happy Belated Birthday, Obie & Kong!”

  1. Rick catizone says:


    Actually, I didn’t know the exact days, but I knew Kong was in ’33. Yes, what an amazing and ingenious man….and what a film the original Kong still is!


  2. jim says:

    Hey! Can I get that in color? Ain’t I a stinker. 😉

  3. Oscar Solis says:

    The more I think about King Kong the more I come to realize that it is one of the most perfect films ever made. The more I think about King Kong the sadder I get that for a whole generation of kids they will only know the ’05 version.

  4. jim says:

    @oscar solis- You know, when I made my snarky remark about a color Kong I had completely forgotten about the ’05 film. As well as it was made I think I forgot it just as quickly back then. Original Kong- accept no substitutes.

  5. Aaron says:

    Agreed on the original being classic forever. The image of that huge stegosaurus tale thrashing slowly was imprinted on my preteen imagination forever.
    Great film. Some really funny lines too:
    “What if it doesn’t like having its picture taken.”
    “Well, now you know why I brought along those gas bombs.”

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